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HTMLBasicTutor 09-30-2016 11:34 PM

The unexpected benefits of removing your affiliate links
Those of you in affiliate marketing might find this article interesting.


Removing Affiliate Links to Assist SEO

One issue that many people don't consider when diving into the affiliate marketing pool, is how it will affect a website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Anyone even vaguely familiar with the workings of a blog or website will appreciate how important SEO is to the success of an online presence, especially if the overall goal is to monetize. Affiliate links if used incorrectly have the potential to kill SEO. Or to be more specific, having too many affiliate links on the one page can cause Google to penalize the website, which is effectively killing the SEO...

...Let Your Content Do the Talking....

...It can really put visitors off if they feel that the website owner just wants them to spend money - especially if the affiliate links are obtrusive, arrogant or irrelevant. Going onto a camping website you would expect to see one or two advertisements or promotions of camping gear. But when reading an article about something like ‘cruising the Mediterranean’ you do not want to feel pressured to purchase goods and services. Let your content do the talking, and leave the unnecessary links out of it....
Here's the whole article: The unexpected benefits of removing your affiliate links

Has anyone tried a more content focused approach to affiliate marketing instead of a zillion links in your copy?

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