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Domnic_dom 07-20-2017 07:45 AM

What is page value??
Guys can anyone explain me what is page value ..

Aaron11223 07-22-2017 02:55 AM

The value that page having .i.e Google gives a value to your page. Value will depend on the quality content of your page, uniqueness & usefulness of the page. And Also, Google always give high value to the pages having quality backlinks.

HTMLBasicTutor 07-22-2017 10:19 AM

From Google Analytics Help:

Page Value is the average value for a page that a user visited before landing on the goal page or completing an Ecommerce transaction (or both). This value is intended to give you an idea of which page in your site contributed more to your site's revenue. If the page wasn't involved in an ecommerce transaction for your website in any way, then the Page Value for that page will be $0 since the page was never visited in a session where a transaction occurred.
How Page Value is calculated

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