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moonswamp 08-24-2018 10:53 AM

Need help with Woocommerce shipping cost setting
My logic is:

1: Free shipping for all order over $50
2: Free shipping for some special product (even it’s under $50)
3: Shipping cost $10 for other orders under $50

Here is my shipping setting:

1: Add shipping zone “USA”
2: Add shipping class “SPECIAL” for the special product
3: Add FREE SHIPPING method in USA zone, triggered when order amount over $50…
4: Add FLAT SHIPPING method in USA zone
4.1) cost is: 0
4.2) “SPECIAL” shipping class cost: 0
4.3) No shipping class cost: $10

and here is the problem:

1: when the product is SPECIAL class, it works great, and got FREE SHIPPING!
2: when other order is under $50, it works great, and got FLAT SHIPPING COST $10!
3: when order is over $50, it works too, BUT:
there a 2 options available on the checkout page, 1 is Free Shipping cost 0, 1 is Flat Shipping cost $10

So my question is:
How to remove the “Flat Shipping cost $10” when order is over $50, and let it just FREE SHIPPING available????


HTMLBasicTutor 08-25-2018 10:57 AM

~moved to Coding~

I have not used Woocommerce but perhaps this on the WooCommerce site will twig something that you missed: Free Shipping

My other idea is that whoever made your theme did not do the hook (mentioned in the above referenced page) properly.

Are you using Woocommerce built in shipping or a plugin? It might make a difference when someone is trying to help you.

BTW, free shipping woocommerce not working seems to be a common problem as Google had this search as an option when I tried searching to help you.

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