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spit 10-08-2011 09:40 AM

Questionable Adsense Placement
Spit wants all you adsense junkies to put on your thinking caps and have a read.

Ha, I'm also hoping that someone can point out that my idea in fact is safe and won't get anyone in trouble with the Google Adsense police!

As per the google adsense program guidelines state:

Google ads, search boxes or search results may not be:
  • Integrated into a software application of any kind, including toolbars.
  • Displayed in pop-ups or pop-unders.
  • Placed in emails, email programs, or chat programs.
  • Obscured by elements on a page.
  • Placed on any non-content-based page. (Does not apply to AdSense for search or mobile AdSense for search.)
  • Placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads.
  • Placed on pages whose content or URL could confuse users into thinking it is associated with Google due to the misuse of logos, trademarks or other brand features.
  • Placed on, within or alongside other Google products or services in a manner that violates the policies of that product or service.

source: http://www.google.com/support/adsens...n&answer=48182
I would like you to direct your attention to this one point in the quote above:
  • Displayed in pop-ups or pop-unders.

Makes perfect sense to me, who would want adsense infested pop-ups/unders showing up all over the place, it's both a pain and could probably result in many accidental clicks - hence why it's a no-no. I don't want to discuss using adsense in pop-ups/unders, what I want to talk about is using something similar to pop-ups - not a new window, it'll be an inline site window, like, for example, a lightbox page of sorts. This would NOT be used to display adsense however, not directly or in any way aimed at just displaying adsense alone.

What it will be used for is to display sites which happen to contain adsense, you know, other blogs and stuff.

Is Spit making his intentions clear?

In case I'm not, let me break it down so that it's unmistakably clear:
  • I have a site that showcases many other sites in a tooltip like window.
  • These sites contain adsense that will obviously also appear ont hem and therefor appear in the tooltip window show on the showcase site.

By doing this, am I putting these sites at risk?

spit 10-09-2011 12:38 AM

To update this thread and answer myself, I have been doing some research and as far as I can see, there's no foul play in showing a site that contains Adsense inline on ones site. I will have to do more digging but I'm confident no one would be penalized if I did that.

Spit heads back to researching.

snakeair 10-09-2011 04:15 AM

To be honest, i would just use adsense on regular pages on your website. Example is v7n forum. No fancy stuff but clear and simple adsense ad with a few color adjustment's.

Don't bother to email adsense because they just send a automated response back. You have to work hard to even contact a human on the adsense team. Are you looking on the adsense help forum for some answers to this?


spit 10-09-2011 04:59 AM

Thanks for the response Derek, but it's not about adding Adsense to the site.
The sites that will be showcased will be accessible though a sort of inline iframe and they have adsense on them, but since users are not navigating away from my showcase site, I just wanted to know if that would be in some way violating adsense guidelines or something.

Like on my showcase site, I'll show screenshots of top rated sites and once these thumbnails are clicked on, a full screen tooltip shows up with the active site available for users to check out, and sometimes on some of these sites there's adsense. If someone clicks on one, would I be indirectly causing these site owners problems?

Spit is still not 100% on that after having researched a few hours.

snakeair 10-09-2011 05:02 AM

O i see what you are trying to do. eh, i couldn't find that much by searching online but there has to be someone asking the same questions as you in this world. :(

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