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snakeair 03-24-2017 10:24 PM

How to Pick Effective Photos and Videos for Your Blog
These are important in a blog post. Are you not using them correctly?

Check out this blog post when you have a moment.


When people think of blogs they often think of the written content, but for those in the business itís clear that there is a whole lot more to consider than just the copy. Including photos and/or videos in your blog can help its Google rankings, get more attention from readers, and engage with visitors in a more effective way. If youíre convinced that your blog needs photos and/or videos but donít know how to go about picking them, youíll enjoy reading through these tips on how to pick effective content.
Continued at: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/how-to-...for-your-blog/

Jim-Le 03-25-2017 04:09 AM

I'm glad to find out a new platform for royalty free images, it is Pixabay.

And lastly you want to make sure the image is high quality. There is nothing worse than a pixelated photo, or one that is out of focus.
You can use all these same sorts of criteria when picking a video for your blog.
To make the high-quality image, I use https://kraken.io/web-interface. Does anyone here use another tool for Image Optimizer?

snakeair 03-25-2017 04:13 AM

I have a paid account with shortpixel in which I am currently using.

vaguar 03-26-2017 11:08 PM

I have been using pixabay and another service called freedigitalphotos.net. But more often than not I don't need to use these services as my niche is food! So it's enough to just snap whatever's been cooked. I guess same would apply to all food blogs out there.

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