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asad7868 03-22-2018 03:51 AM

Launcher Is Not Working
Whenever I use mobile this notification comes up that launcher is not working
How can solve this problem?
Can anybody guide me about this?

shibaa987 03-27-2018 02:48 AM

I am assuming is an Android device.

You can connect the phone to a PC via ADB and install any extra launcher application (like: Go launcher or something similar) via ADB. I thing that should give you an option to select a launcher at boot time.

Make sure you have the apk application file in hand.

If the issue is on a non-Android device then you have to be specific on the problem with the device type, OS and other relevant details before I can help you.

nick_westlife 04-03-2018 05:25 AM

Since you are talking about Android mobile and you say the launcher is not working, its better you factory reset your phone. Your smartphone will get fresh, just like it comes when you purchase the new one.

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