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danyalr8 04-10-2018 03:39 AM

Is Node.js replacing PHP ?
Will Node.js be able to replace PHP in the near future?

dferrell 04-15-2018 04:41 PM

It looks like NodeJS jobs have become more popular and I am seeing less PHP. However, I think there is room for both and PHP is not going to get replaced anytime soon.

SeoDoncaster 04-23-2018 05:43 AM

No, php still runs over 83% of web so dont expect node (which according to many is not production ready) will replace it anytime soon.

Tech2Globe 04-25-2018 05:22 AM

Every language has it's own significance. Node.js is undoubtedly a good platform with better performance but again, a platform like php isn't gonna die any soon

AKSolution 05-31-2018 07:44 AM

No, NodeJS popularity is increasing but it doesn't mean that it will replace PHP. Both languages have own existence and purpose.

eagle12 09-07-2018 09:02 AM

Saying that it isn't production ready is very wrong. Node is an extremely powerful platform and it is growing at an exponential rate. Many large corporations are already leveraging it.

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