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Cricket 02-04-2013 05:38 PM

When You Have Disagreements With Members
There will always be disagreements and fusses between members. It is simply human nature. We truly encourage members to discuss and openly share their thoughts on a topic. It is how we all learn and life would be pretty boring if we all felt the same way.

That being said, this is not grade school. We don't gang up in little groups to take sides or encourage others to do the same.

If you were at a local get together and got into a disagreement with someone, I am guessing you would take it outside instead of ruining the party for everyone. I expect the same here.

If you are not able to discuss a topic respectfully then you need to remove yourself from the topic. If you are unable to discuss a topic with a specific member then you need to choose to ignore that member or take the discussion off the boards. If you are unable to do either of these things, I will help you to do so.

I truly adore this community and the people in it. Many of you I have known for a number of years but I am not your babysitter and I have absolutely no desire to moderate your fusses.

Now, let's move on...

zidane 03-20-2013 09:02 AM

Right!! Well, as much as possible, we don't need to fight. We just need to discuss things in a polite matter. Don't forget to respect each other. And yes, we're not grade schoolers anymore. We should know how to act properly and how to handle things accordingly.

HTMLBasicTutor 05-21-2013 06:17 PM

Negotiating with Hard-heads
This was written by one of our mentors, DocC :


Iím sure youíve all found yourself faced with the necessity of having to deal with some hard-head that just seemed determined to be difficult. No matter how logical your position, or how illogical their own, they refuse to see reason or accept any opinion other than theirs.

They may be a supplier, a customer, a co-worker or the other person in a fender-bender. Regardless of who it is, itís frustrating to try to communicate with someone thatís only interested in what THEY have to say. Why do some people do that? I imagine theyíre probably just obsessed with winning. The secret is to make them think they are winning, even if theyíre not.

Communication has to be a two-way street. If one party refuses to listen, then itís not communication...
Continued: Negotiating with Hard-heads
Doc Sheldon, May 6, 2013

Sprinkler Buddy 07-25-2013 06:58 PM

"I will help you to do so."

I have your back! :-)

HTMLBasicTutor 10-09-2013 09:27 AM

The easiest way to disagree with someone

...is to assume that they are uninformed, and that once they know what you know, they will change their mind. (A marketing problem!)

The second easiest way to disagree is to assume that the other person is a dolt, a loon, a misguided zealot who refuses to see the truth. Their selfish desire to win interferes with their understanding of reality. (A political problem!)

The third easiest way to disagree with someone is to not actually hear what they are saying. (A filtering problem!)

The hardest way to disagree with someone is to come to understand that they see the world differently than we do, to acknowledge that they have a different worldview, something baked in long before they ever encountered this situation. (Another marketing problem, the biggest one).

There actually are countless uninformed people. There are certainly craven zealots. And yes, in fact, we usually hear what we want to hear, or hear what the TV tells us, or hear what we expect, instead of hearing what was said, and the intent behind it. Odds are, though, that we will make the change we seek by embracing the hard work of telling stories that resonate, as opposed to dismissing the other who appears not to get it.
Seth Godin - The easiest way to disagree with someone
October 08, 2013

HanjiKidaji 10-11-2013 12:44 PM

We all are here to learn and discuss our problem with experts. Learning is experience. Everything else is just information. :)

skyycs 02-20-2014 10:56 PM

I have learned one thing in life. There are debates and there are discussions. In debates, you try to prove your point right and just stick to it an make it you vs me. While in discussions, there is nothing like You vs Me, it is about US and it is about sharing, learning together without making it personal issue. No two people think a alike hence there will be different point of views.some are logical some are illogical, but there is a way to handle both kind of arguments and come on a common ground to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Miss Text 07-24-2017 02:09 PM

Not sure why some people get butt hurt!

Everyone will have their own opinion, so let them be and move on...

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