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Azam.net 09-06-2020 05:41 AM

Award-winning web design and development services
We are one of the world's first internet agencies, founded in the 1990s. We have built and managed over 550 websites since 1997.

Unlike most design and development agencies we do not just build websites that look aesthetically pleasing and are rich with features, but their entire architecture is designed to be search engine friendly.

We are proud of our reputation for paying attention to detail and being perfectionists. We may tweak a logo 60 times or tinker with the layout of a website 120 times, but the results we produce astound our clients and our peers.

We won a Yahoo! Website-of-the-Week award two decades ago for a Web 2.0-style football portal and with each of the websites and apps we have created since then we have not just kept up with design trends and conventions but continued to push the boundaries to give our clients an advantage over their competitors. You may see our portfolio here.

See examples of our work and details about our design and development services here.

Quote 'V7N15DISCOUNT' for 15% off our fees for users of these forums.

Contact us at enquiries [at] azam.net with your requirements.

Have a wonderful day :D

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