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kumarpramod 05-07-2016 11:24 PM

How to move 4 Gb+ backup data to new host?
Hi, I'm recently facing many server error problem on my existing host. So I have decided to move to another host. I know all about how to move website one host to another but problem is that my site backup approx 4gb+ data. And i don't want to download it in my computer then upload it to another host. So question Is: here is any solution available with that I can simply move data from one host to another without downloading.

Host Capitol 05-08-2016 09:04 AM

You could try asking your new hosting provider if they offer migration services. Many providers will migrate new customers over for free.

snakeair 05-08-2016 01:18 PM

Do what he said above, this what I did when I moved to my own VPS. I paid extra but the whole move including migrating was included in the package plus I had all my old backups from the old host on the new one.

I could do it myself but if I miss one step it could mean trouble so my small investment was worth it.

kumarpramod 05-10-2016 05:00 AM

I found a simple & free solution for my problem in the CPanel account.
How I transferred over 4gb+ data?
Solution is:
1. Login to existing Cpanel account.
2. click on Backups option.
3. Now Under the Full Backup option, click on Download a Full Website Backup. button.
4. In Full backup option select Remote FTP Server option from the Backup destination drop down menu.
5. Select email address radio button and fill these information:
Remote Server: Your new server IP address.
Remote User: Your username for new cPanel or FTP account.
Remote Pass: Enter here your news account Cpanel account or FTP user password
Port: 21
Remote Dir: /home/User_name
6. Finally click on Generate backup button.
7 it will generate whole website backup including Cpanel.

Now wait until receiving the email. After that login to your new Cpanel or Ftp account and right click on backup and extract it. Go to extracted folder and delete all other files-folder just leave homedir folder. In the home directory you will get all your website backup.

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