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HTMLBasicTutor 08-26-2013 04:27 PM

W3C Launches Web and Mobile Interest Group
Check the newsletter link below if you are interested in the W3C's Web and Mobile Interest Group.


W3C launched today a Web and Mobile Interest Group that is chartered to accelerate the development of Web technology so that it becomes a compelling platform for mobile applications and the obvious choice for cross platform development. The forum is intended to include organisations that commission such products and services, designers, developers, equipment manufacturers, tool and platform vendors, browser vendors, operators and other relevant participants in the value chain that creates and operates such products and services. Participants will focus on a wide range of sectors including retail, advertising, technology, network operators, content creation and content distribution.

The initial deliverables of the group include:
•Core Mobile Web Platform 2012 Deployment Status, which will summarize the various actions that the Interest Group is undertaking to ensure that the relevant stakeholders facilitate the deployment and adoption of the features that have been identified in the Core Mobile Web Platform 2012 report. The group will also publish new versions of the report

•Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap, which will take a broader look at all the Web technologies under development that are particularly relevant to mobile devices, and tracks their status and adoption.

•A gap analysis that provides an overview of the differences between the Web as a platform on mobile and other popular platforms and ecosystems, both from a technical and commercial perspective.

•Additional reports on use cases and scenarios for context-relevant user experiences, multi-device and cross-device user experiences on the Web, and Usability and Efficiency Considerations for the Web on Mobile.

Read more about the Mobile Web Initiative.
W3C Launches Web and Mobile Interest Group
21 August 2013

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