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softbrainy 11-13-2014 10:09 AM

how to promote a blog ?
Hi friends,
Recently i developed new blog. Which is all about tutorials for web development. I need to promote my blog, guide me some suggestions to improve my blog visibility in search engine.

ajay@bhavya 11-14-2014 02:18 AM

Maintain good Quality content, Use some SEO techniques like Forum discussion, Article Submission, blog commenting, Keyword research , keyword placement , etc.,

ohpsarmut 11-14-2014 02:26 AM

try submit to any search engine,use social media to promote your website,join forum,

Roopatg 11-14-2014 02:27 AM

Which platform you used to develop your blog? I would suggest you to update meta tags to every post in your blog. Update each post with unique content and relevant images. Share each post in different social networking sites.

sophiapene 11-14-2014 05:01 AM

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a simple yet affordable way to promote all kinds of blog. There are many traffic generating social media websites like Facebook, Dzone, Stumbleupon, twitter, etc. which will not only help you in improving your traffic, but, will also help your blog to rank high in Google SERP. You should constantly go through Google quality guidelines to improve your SERP and save your blog from any kind of penalty.

JonnyMP 11-28-2014 05:47 AM

SEO is just one technique you can use to generate traffic. You could also pin images from your blog in Pinterest groups or advertise your link on forum signature lines (with similar niche). And, of course, the best way to get a constant flow of traffic is by building an email list. The people on your email list are more likely to return again and again.

thatgood 12-11-2014 02:39 AM

Ping your site, share to your facebook, twitte it, submit to search engine like Google, Bing, submit to some rss directory, put it to some forum signature (just put your homepage).

It help you to boots up your site. Then find some SEO stratergy.

joshaidan 12-19-2014 04:26 AM

I think you should do content marketing of your blog, this benefit you much.

rafeymahmud 01-12-2015 10:07 AM

Initially optimize your blog title and description based on good key words that people actually search for. You have to put yourself in visitors shoes and do a lot of searches on google and see what type of sites show up in top 10.

Once you know the key words somehow get your keywords and blog link in high PR blogs and websites. There is blog exchange directories for certain type of blogs.

Allseo 02-15-2015 03:00 AM

I think blogger’s job is to do the work, not expect the rewards. If you are doing your work with full potential and passion then you’ll receive your reward, not today but of course tomorrow....so keep working hard and you will get the reward...Thanks

AkshayShr7 02-16-2015 12:02 AM

Try to do social sharing.. as much as you can! it will benefit you a lot :)

imadam 04-07-2015 04:12 AM

Social Media Marketing is really helpful in promoting blogs. Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc...

When sharing use metadata hashtags that are relevant to your content, use good content to pull readers in and show that you're a real person and interact with any comments you get!

josechukkiri 04-30-2015 12:34 AM

There are several methods to promote your blog. Search Engine Optimization is the best one. The blog posts should be indexed by search engines first. Make sure each and every article has indexed by Google. If not, ping the posts to get awareness to the search engines. And all other methods like forum postings, placing ads on the advertisement sites, article submission, sharing in the social network sites as well as bookmarking sites etc.

ethan11james 05-19-2015 03:06 AM

First of all check all On Page factor like your blog optimize for Google no duplicate content 301 redirection, 404 page and some other things
Just write beautiful content should be not copied on your blog. after that share on social media and ping on other website check your blog index or not. You also aware about use catchy title for your blog.

joice33 06-10-2015 08:06 AM

Both social media marketing and also backlinks can promote your blog rapidly.

dferrell 06-13-2015 11:05 PM

If your on-page SEO is 100% then you should focus on social media, building up your following and sharing the latest posts from your blog. When you have a blog that you post to daily then social marketing becomes easier, as you can discuss the latest topics and share your content.

In Google Plus, share to relevant communities. Share to Reddit communities. Share to Twitter using the appropriate hashtags. It's easy these days because there are so many networks to promote your content on, so just focus on building a following.

For SEO, you need to be a little more strategic than most folks will make you believe. It's not as easy as spamming your link around to different social bookmarking sites and blog commenting.

sanjay710 06-14-2015 03:23 AM


Originally Posted by softbrainy (Post 2154397)
Hi friends,
Recently i developed new blog. Which is all about tutorials for web development. I need to promote my blog, guide me some suggestions to improve my blog visibility in search engine.

Use social media networks, focus on your keywords, insert your keywords in meta tag, must use unique content, try to post link baiting contents, viral contents like videos and images etc.

Waqass 07-08-2015 09:54 PM

There are number of ways by which one can promote their blog and some of the tricks are to include a link to your blog on all your social media profiles, Scheduling Tweets to drive traffic to blog posts, Scheduling Facebook posts, Highlighting blog content in Pins, Sharing blog content in LinkedIn groups, and Promoting blog content in Google+ communities.

Hemnaram 07-27-2015 11:05 AM

Let me tell you one thing. Penguin hasnt updated since a year.
Now i can see many spammers are ranking for competitive keywords.

What they are doing is :
Blog commenting
Forum links.
Article submission to web 2.0 sites and scrape boxing them.

And they are ranking it!!!

If you want to stay longer on serps then follow below strategy:
High quality content..
Build links to them. Gain social media exposure.
Thats it :)

sallu 08-02-2015 09:21 AM

During initial days it's better to promote on social media sites like facebook, google+, twitter...etc so that the blog gets desired social love.

Also don't forget to add quality content consistently.

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