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eric_wahlberg 12-11-2017 05:28 AM

Which Banner you would choose?
For Website promotion, which banner you would choose?



Normal One.

Rosenborg 12-15-2017 03:34 AM

Depends what the website selling, product, service and so on.

Ahmedmanoo 12-28-2017 07:06 AM

for me I prefer Normal one

unihost 12-28-2017 07:34 AM

Normal one would be the best choice.
1) Let's say both of them, animated and normal one look nice, but to see the information of animated banner - you have to spend a few seconds of your time. The most users will simply scroll this banner instead of wasting their time on this.
2) Even if your website is super fast and optimized, animated banner slows it down and the page will upload longer
3) it is really annoying when you are reading or watching something and you notice with your peripheral vision that something is moving somewhere on your screen.

jcr266 12-28-2017 07:44 AM

I would choose normal banner with bright colors and easy to understand text so people see it and know what it is about and if they want to learn more.

People ignore most banners so you have very little time to make them want to go to the site. If banner is for games make banner that says Rated best new games this year and list popular game you have.

If the site has Panchatantra Games or stories than take the one that is favorite and list that.

janjane 12-31-2017 02:22 AM

I think normal one will be great, because most of the time before loading the animated banner people leave some websites then you well be ignored by most of your audience.

dandowney 01-02-2018 02:40 AM

For website promotion the normal banner is efficient than animated banner.

CLMB Marketing 01-04-2018 01:45 PM

I would suggest that you run both and let the banner performance make that decision for you.

That's the benefit of ad testing.

Beyond that, the question is far too generic to get a reasonable answer. Animated banners will work for some audiences/products/messages/objectives, static banner will work for others.

Although if it's a question of design resources, static banners tend to be a lot faster/easier to design... so that might make your decision for you as well.

david21 01-09-2018 10:16 PM

It’s depends on the necessity, but if you take my suggestion go with normal one because it’ll applicable in many fields. Sometimes limitation in animated images, So better to go with normal one.

rickySt 01-10-2018 11:28 AM

Normal covers every site. I wouldn't use animated unless the site was in some niche where animated offered a real advantage. For example, if I was managing a website about animation then an animated heading may be a good marketing tool, but I can't think of another site where it would be relevent.

annb 02-06-2018 01:59 AM

Normal banner with simple text that looks compelling to the eye. Animation might distract the reader from the important stuff.

pavani25 02-12-2018 05:15 PM

Animated banner means what in your perspective?
Adobe flash based file or a gif?

We can design a beautiful banner without having any animation but with good design customization like gradient, shadow, effects, color balances etc.,

sankalppatil 02-13-2018 04:22 AM

it depends on the website content and structure and also type. but i will say that animates banners using videos or gif's are trending because it express whole story in just single pic.

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