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CountryNaturals 04-25-2019 07:59 AM

What Browser Do You Use?
Google Chrome is bombarding me with unwanted celebrity gossip popups from a site called weatherforcasttracker1.com. I've tried uninstalling, unsubscribing, blocking, reporting issues -- nothing works. I hate Microsoft Edge and never did like Internet Explorer. Can anyone recommend anything else that has a nice interface and won't invade my privacy?

I apologize if this post is inappropriate, but I don't know who else to ask.

ScriptMan 04-25-2019 11:13 AM

I use FireFox with the no script add on. You can selectively block anything you want to block. Popup, ads pissy scripts on a site.

KeithCash 04-25-2019 04:20 PM

By chance have run into of access any websites using FireFox?

ScriptMan 04-26-2019 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by KeithCash (Post 2335075)
By chance have run into of access any websites using FireFox?

Sorry. I don't understand that question. If you meant are there sites that don't work with FF than no I have not. The padding and margins are sometimes off a bit when a site was built as an IE site because IE was not a compliant browser.

CountryNaturals 04-26-2019 10:10 AM

Thanks, All. Firefox it is!

LMD 04-28-2019 07:01 AM

For the moment, I use Edge for the most part and sometimes use IE 11 and have no problems with Edge. In development situations, however, we must use several browsers to test the output results. So, to answer your question I only use the other browsers for testing.

Klugen 07-31-2019 12:34 AM

Google Chrome, i like to use it so much ! Hope you guys also like it ?

Gustave 10-16-2019 01:58 AM

Hey , of course chrome! Its became with time more better to use, you can find everything there!

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