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David_ Bowie 06-28-2008 07:18 AM

L@@king for Affiliates and JV Partners


Set yourself up for the second half 2008...

We can have this business set up for you
in five days or less.

It can earn you anywhere from 5000 to
15,000 or more and it is easy to operate
Easy to sell and one of the best products
we offer on the net.

If monthly residual income interests you
If a great product interests you

If you want a business you can start for
a song then read on...

One of the most lucrative service businesses
you can own online is your own submission

People purchase traffic and submission tools
every day as they look for new ways to drive
mass traffic to their sites.

Howard and I have made a good deal of money
with our submission business over the past
few years and now we are giving you the
opportunity to do what we have done.

Think about it...

You can own a site like ours...
for a song.

If you were to develop and program a site
like this from scratch, it could cost you $5,000
dollars or more...

But with our special partner program, you
won't pay anywhere near that. You can own
a branded submission business at a price
you'll find hard to resist.

You can earn your investment back in
a heartbeat. It is realistic to earn
between $10,000 and $15,000 per
month from this partnership.

You'll need to act fast as there are a limited
number of partnerships left at the current
low price.

Once these are sold the price will rise
significantly to protect those that start their
new business early.

We have already raised the price once

If you missed the first run on the partnership,
don't miss it this time.

You know we are serious.
When we say the price will go up
You can bank on it.

Order your submission business now. At
an incredible low $499.00 it's one of the
best business investments you can make.

Go straight to...

We've made it drop-dead easy for you to
get into profit fast....

Just want to try it out and see how it
works. Give it a go.

David Bowie

PS: With our special partner deal, you keep
70% of all sales that come through your
site. Plus, let's say you sign up 2 partners.
You keep the partner price $499, less $50
setup, and you get a 10% override on sales
your partner sites earn.

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