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HTMLBasicTutor 12-28-2017 10:35 AM

Writing Ad Copy
Placing ads part of your marketing plan? As mentioned in the quote below advertising is costly and there is lots of completion out there. It's all about how you write your ad and where you place your ads.

...Most new PPC advertisers focus heavily on keyword research and selection. They believe that if you pick the right keywords you’ll get clicks that you can turn in to sales. While I agree that you must choose the correct keywords, the attitude above forgets that each search has a unique intent. It further ignores the fact that search engine results pages offer numerous options to click.

With increased cost and competition, the key to success is less on what keywords you choose and more about what message you’re presenting, aka your ad copy. Ad copy influences who you get to click, how well qualified they are and how well prepared they are to respond to your product/service...
How To Write Compelling Ad Copy

After reading the above article those that have used ad copy give your thoughts on the pointers given.

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