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highqualityaccounts 11-05-2016 11:39 AM

Expired Domains for sale
Hey guys,i am selling expired domains for your business or your PBN's (private blog networks).

PBN's or private blog networks is must for everyone who want to rank in the search engines and who want to get competitive stuff ranked.

There are some PBN domain providers on CPAE. They mostly base their domains on authoritative backlinks. This is a good thing, but one decent backlink won't help you to see miracles happen, especially if it is nofollow from Wikipedia.

For that,i am offering domains which is powerfull on trust flow and number of referring domains. I do not put as much emphasis on domain authority, considering that these metrics are easily manipulated and are sometimes quite off topic.All of my domains have a clean history.

If I as much as suspect, that domain was used for another pbn or that was spammed,simple i delete it.

About the price of the domains i can tell you only good and positive things.
For example,you buy domain with tf 15+ from me thats means:

TF 15+ CF 20+ Clean history = only 10 $

TF 10+ CF 15+ Clean history = 5 $

This is only available domain names which you can register right now,where you want.If you are looking to buy more domains i can give you godaddy coupon and you`ll get 90 % discount in first year.


Those domains are already registered?

No, they are free for registration, and you will have to register them yourselves.

What TLDs do you sell?

Primarily just the top TLDs, that means .com, .org and .net. However, if you are interested in country specific TLDs, just contact me and I can hook you up for sure. I have a huge stock of co.uk and .info domains as well

Can I use these domains as money sites?


Which version of software you use to check the domain history?

I use only majestic,ahrefs and MOZ (paid subscription)

How manny domains i can provide?

I have in stock more than 500 expired domains which is checked in every day by me.I can provide you per day a lot(contact me and we will discuss about that also i give you huge price discount)

How you can order?

Simple,you can contact me via e-mail or skype and i give you the instructions.


Sorry,i can't give you refunds.Because they are 100 % powerfull domains and clean also,for that i can give you all photo proofs for example about the majestic moz ahrefs(about the tf cf rd all,just ask it)

I have attached an expired domains list just download it and let me know!

[size=large]For the first customers i give 1 domain for TEST totally FREE![/size]

Contact mangernatural@gmail.com
Skype tomas.p965

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