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concentrator 05-01-2018 04:10 AM

Here is a domain with spirit of the popular game. It is ideal for hosting battle videos such as of World of Tanks. And as many gaming domains, it has .net extension which is a good feature too.

Why it's valuable:
Good Extension: .net is an established extension
Very Short: short domains are more memorable
Highly Searched: m103 receives over 4,400 searches per month on Google

Name: m103.net
Price: $1000
Domain transfer: godaddy.com
Payment: skrill (escrow)
Contact: rovshan.ashrapov@mail.ru

Call-to-action: take the domain now and list it in Godaddy auctions or other known services. You will sell it for fair $2000 or more. As for me, no paypal in my country.

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