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Cricket 04-22-2008 08:32 AM

Use V7N Thumbnail Attachment For Photos
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Step One:
Once you have entered the text for your comments, click on the attachment icon. It looks like a paper clip.

Attachment 7240
Click thumbnail to view full size screenshot

Step Two:
A new window will open when you click on the attachment icon. Click on the browse button and navigate to the image that you would like to upload. Use a separate upload button for each image you would like to upload. When you are ready, click the upload button. Once the images are done uploading, simply close the window.

Attachment 7241
Click thumbnail to view full size screenshot

Your images will be automatically displayed as thumbnails within your post now. They will appear when you post your message, or if you click to preview your post.

Cricket 04-27-2010 09:48 AM

A Bit More Advanced
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There are a couple of reasons that we prefer that our members use the thumbnail feature available here in the community.
  • Hotlinking (displaying pics that load on another server) can be illegal. Additionally it means the images can at some point be moved which leaves missing photos in a thread later on.
  • If the size of the original image is too large, it can break the design of the thread, creating a large horizontal scroll.
In the digital photography forum though, there are times that we prefer to display the actual image rather than just a thumbnail. Provided you are certain that the full size photograph is not too wide (about 600 wide or so) the best way to accomplish this is to go ahead and upload your photos using the thumbnail option, click on the thumbnail to get the URL on the V7N server, then add the image to display from that locations.
(1) Upload your images using the thumbnail option. (Once you have completed the post, you will have a few minutes that you can make edits.)

(2) From the completed post, click on the thumbnail that you want to display. The thumbnail will open the full image in your browser, giving you the full URL of the image in the address bar. Copy the URL of the exact location of the image.

Attachment 11932
Click to view thubmnail.

(3) Click to edit your post.

(4) Click on the image icon. A small box will pop up asking for the URL of your image. Paste in the URL that you copied earlier and click OK.

Attachment 11933
Click to view thubmnail.

(5) The code to display the image will be added to the body of your post, simply click save.

Attachment 11934
Click to view thubmnail.
To see an example of the end result go here. As you can see, I chose to display one of my photos and left the rest as thumbnails.

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