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HTMLBasicTutor 12-27-2010 05:00 PM

Web Services Forum Guidelines
We now have Sell Web Services, Buy Web Services, Free Web Services and Trade Web Services also.

Before posting in this section, take a look at these forums to see if they are more appropriate for the services you are offering:

Link Building Services - This forum is for offering link building services.
Social Networking - Social networking services, exchanges, or requests.
Looking To Hire - If you are looking to hire a web developer, coder, programmer, website or graphic designers, small business consultant, SEO or marketing specialist, or other web related service for a long term relationship, your detailed offer should be posted here in our "Looking To Hire" forum.

General Guidelines
This forum is for services related to the development, promotion, running, or maintenance of a website or blog. These would include services such as programming, web coding, content writing, graphic design, directory submission, advertising, etc.

As with all threads in the marketplace, we permit only one link per offer. Those with a demo can include a second link in their ad.

The ad is to describe the service you are offering. No "go look over here" type ads. A link to purchase the service is alright.

If you have an existing ad for the same service: Please report it and request it be closed before posting a fresh ad. There is no need to post your ad every few days. ;)

Please reserve posting for interested buyers, buyers sharing past experiences, and sellers to address questions; any negative or unnecessary commentary will be removed and may result in an infraction or ban.

Subject Lines
  1. No fancy art symbols in the subject line
  2. Clear and consise titles, no over doing the selling hoopla ;)
Please also refer to the following General Marketplace information before placing an ad: General Webmaster Marketplace Rules and Composing Your Ad for the V7N Marketplace

This was updated February 16, 2011.

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