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MarketerMatt 01-15-2011 05:45 PM

Some Great Link Building Ideas... What'd I Miss?
I've been poking around the forum and some SEO sites for a little while now and it seems that nearly everyone's primary sources of link building are the following:

Directories, RSS feeds, article marketing, creating link wheels, social bookmarking, blog/forum commenting, guest blog posting, facebooking or tweeting out content, and finally, hoping people will magically find and link to link bait on your site (which I can't see being all that effective, especially for new sites)

Then there seem to be some slightly more creative techniques such as these:

Creating widgets for other people's websites, creating WordPress themes with a link in the footer, coming up with badges to give customers that link back to you, posting on Q/A websites like Yahoo Answers, finding sites in related industries to ask for a link, and buying expired domains and redirecting or linking them to your site

I think this is a pretty good start for any link building campaign, and I know it will help jump-start some people's link building campaigns, but I'd love to hear what other strategies you have up your sleeve!

Cricket 01-15-2011 07:00 PM

We have a running thread that will answer this for you... :)

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