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Cricket 02-15-2010 10:59 AM

IMPORTANT: Webmaster Marketplace Rules
Webmaster Marketplace Rules & Information

In addition to the V7 Network Forum Rules, we do have special rules for the Webmaster Marketplace which should be fully understood before posting.

Comments should be made only by those who are seriously interested in doing business with the thread starter.

Positive (or negative) experiences with a seller or buyer should be reported using the iTrader function, but only if you have actually done business with the member. Anyone found abusing the iTrader function by making false reports (positive or negative) will be banned.

V7 Network does not govern the process of money changing hands within the Webmaster Marketplace. We are unable to offer assistance in cases where the sale does not go as planned, or the item (or service) is not delivered as described.

As a seller, you should be prepared to offer evidence of ownership or reseller rights as requested by the buyer. Although the V7N does not govern the selling process itself, (buyer beware) members found attempting to sell a product that is not theirs to sell, will be banned.

We advise members to use caution, as any decisions you make - and their consequences - are your own.

For large purchases, you may want to consider using an online escrow service.

One only live link per ad.

The Following Types of Threads Are Not Allowed:
  • Any Illegal Product or Service, Included But Not Limited to Hacking and Warez
  • Xrumer, Angela & Paul's Links, or Similar Forum (or blog) Spamming Software or Services
  • Money/Currency Exchanges or Trades of Any Kind
  • User Accounts Sales or Trades of Any Kind
  • Google AdWords Vouchers/Coupons
  • VCC (Virtual Credit Cards)
  • Gift Card Sales or Trades
  • Email Lists or Databases
User Accounts Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • Adsense Accounts
  • eBay Accounts
  • Rapidshare Accounts
  • PayPal Accounts
  • Forum User Accounts
  • Membership Site Accounts
  • AdWords/adCenter/Yahoo Panama Accounts
  • E-mail Accounts
  • MySpace Accounts
  • Facebook Accounts
  • Twitter Accounts
  • Digg Accounts

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