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aeneas 10-06-2011 07:33 AM

Who else blocks specific categories ?
I wondered if others publishers also regulary check and review the income of each catagory and block certain less-earning categories ?
And do you review this after a certain amount of time ?

A few months ago I checked what categories have a too high number of impressions with almost no clicks (I had 3 categories with a few percent of impressions but 0 percent earnings, so I blocked them).
In my opinion then more interesting ads will be shown that do earn better on my site.

Now I have re-enabled these categories, will check again in a month (or maybe 2 months) and see again how they earn.

Do others also block categories or do you allow all types of ads ?
And if you block, is it only a few (less than 5) or do you block a lot of them (trying to only get high-paying ads to show) ??

snakeair 10-06-2011 04:54 PM

I block certain categories that i think don't pertain to my website. Also i do monitor what categories get the most clicks and less click's.

No use in keeping a category active if it produce's no results after 3 months in a row. I review and make any changes every 3 month's. This gives me enough stat's to make a decision. I don't want to block a category after one month.

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