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en web dev 10-01-2020 07:42 AM

How to get Traffic to My News Blog ?
Hi There,
I am here with a problem / query of a sort.
Recently I have started a Micro Niche Tech News Blog.
Website is Indexed in Google News but no traffic is coming from there.
Few keywords are ranked and everyday 5-10 people are coming from there.
I am sharing the post in 7 social networks are hardly 20-30 people are coming from that.
Backilinks are also being done, 10 per day but hardly any trafic comes from that, except medium.

So what will be next steps to increase traffic in my blog ?


Note :

1) I am publishing daily 3 latest news, written myself no Copy Paste.
2) Website has adsence approved also, although not much clisks due to less visitors.
3) 1 AMP Warning in Search Console, trying to fix that now.
4) 90% Visitors are from US.

nick_westlife 02-17-2021 02:25 AM

I think you shouldn't be worried much. Traffic will come with authority and it takes time to build authority.:roll: What interesting is that your Bounce rate and time on site. That's good. Is it Indian News approved site?

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