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Jimbrown 02-27-2015 02:38 AM

Submit Free: Rinace.org
Hello Everyone,
Feel free to submit your sites/articles to our new PR-6 web links directory:
Rinace.org offers free listings as well as premium listing. No spam links allowed and review within 24-48 hrs.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


~CReed 03-05-2015 10:11 PM

I'm curious as to how you determined or came to the conclusion that this is a "PRX" web links directory?
Are you basing your assumption on the visual display of the outdated foolbar that hasn't been updated since December 2013?

Or do you have inside knowledge of current internal PageRank values?

If it's the former, then I have to offer my own personal opinion that this is very misleading to those who may be less knowledgeable about such things and quite opportunistic.

I've always been under the impression that directory announcements such as this were subject to editing and/or removal.


Title Format:
Please format your title as follows: Submit: mydirectoryurl.com
Non-Hyped Descriptions:
Please use an objective, non-promotional description. Listing the outdated toolbar PageRank value or the Alexa ranking is not necessary; if a member is truly interested in any of these metrics, they'll check them. As a courtesy, please note if it is a free directory or if there is a submission fee or reciprocal link required.
Only One Directory/Link per Announcement:
It's all you need. Excessive or spammy keyword anchor text links may be edited.
NOTE: If you have more than one directory to announce, please start a separate thread for each. We will allow multiple directory announcements within reason.
Please Provide a Single Link to the Directory Home Page:
It's not necessary to link to individual pages within the directory. If a member is interesting in submitting a site, they'll find the submission page. Excessive keyword laden anchor text links may be edited.
Dropped Domains
Please note that announcements for directories on dropped/hijacked domains posted by opportunist looking to take advantage of pre-existing toolbar PageRank may not be accepted and are subject to moderator discretion.

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