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Brandon Sheley 08-18-2018 06:12 PM

This isn't isolated to only Facebook, you know that right?
Google has been trying to guess what you're searching for before you've finished typing for years. ;)

The network in general wants to know more and more about you and most users give that info up without hesitation in favor for automation.

If your paranoid about it you can simply stop using the service. ;)

jcr266 08-27-2018 01:29 PM

You should know they always did that. You could stop using site or try not allowing cookies so they can not track you. Some sites will not work with cookies off.

NiftyStats 09-22-2018 07:21 AM

whole facebook is fake, I have about 50 contact requests a day, when I accept them they will start sending me spam.

Slymikejnr 04-05-2020 06:52 AM

Lol this is actually funny, it's actually a small issue. But nowadays all we do and all info about us is online which is actually a bad thing

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