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pavani25 10-18-2018 11:21 PM

What do we learn from Google's August 2018 Update?
Google rolled out an update in August 2018 and they named it as 'Medic Update' since it was mainly focused on medical and health related websites. Googles states that it's a broad update and there is no such option to fix the damage, you can't fix it, only way is to improve the quality of the content and keep attract your audience with long run effect. Over time your content will bring the better ranking. So it seems we need to take the time into consideration and wait for our ranking betterment.

Observed that there is a significant drop in website ranking those who are not maintaining the rich content or standard quality. I observed there is a big loss in ranking for some of the websites which are having low quality stuff.

When a user expressed his doubt on human intervention in google search ranking, Google's official replied like this:
"People do not assess sites for how our algorithm works. It's automatic. Human raters are used simply as one way to assess how well the algorithms seem to be working."

So they clearly stated that humans will not assess your ranking, it is done by robots or algorithm.

What are your observations on this latest update? Is your site got dropped ranking?

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