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H2 rider 11-03-2018 06:04 PM

Google Adwords and including your phone number
I setup a new adwords account and an option is to include your phone number in the ad. Google Adwords help line is closed on the weekend so I'll ask here.

If a user doesn't click on the ad and calls the number, how does Google track and charge the adwords user?

Another thing - I already get at least one call per week from salespersons trying to sell me what is usually a useless or overpriced product related to my business (real estate). I'm thinking adding my phone number might just result in more sales calls.

Any feedback from Adwords users?

H2 rider 11-15-2018 08:42 PM

I called Adwords and got the answer. They assign their own dedicated phone number for customers to call which forwards to your phone.

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