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imadam 06-17-2019 06:51 AM

analytics code - have i repeated it on my site?
i've redone my site recently with some updates, and noticed there's a few different bits of code for google analytics. none are identical, so i'm struggling to figure out if the code is for adwords tracking, or analytics, or old cold i should remove.

would anyone be able to check for me and confirm?


the above link should have just 1 adwords code that doesn't get triggered until someone has done a booking, and analytics.

google tag extension in chrome shows 6 so assume this is wrong and i need to remove the others? how would i know which to keep and which are old?


imadam 06-19-2019 06:03 AM


LMD 06-19-2019 07:02 AM

Sorry, I'm not that versed in analytics, otherwise I'd help. I'm sure someone, ScriptMan or HTML, might be able to help when they see this thread. Just be a little more patient, and I'm sure someone will help.

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