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badass 08-02-2015 08:05 AM

Best video editing tool for youtube
I have a video but I want remove its background but I couldn't do with camtasia. Are there any best tools for editing youtube video to do that or making my work easier?

dangngoclinh247 08-03-2015 08:03 PM

camtasia studio can change background video. I think camtasia is the best and easy to use.

tvtaddy7 08-20-2015 05:43 AM

it is the best

Originally Posted by dangngoclinh247 (Post 2201393)
camtasia studio can change background video. I think camtasia is the best and easy to use.

It is undoubtedly the best at present.

ohmygeeks 09-20-2015 08:18 PM

For complicated edition, I use Corel VideoStudio
For simple editor, Windows Movie Maker, Free HD Video Converter, Freemake and Format Factory are recommended.

Rakesh Sharma 09-30-2015 12:20 AM

camtasia is the superb tool

VictorVictories 09-30-2015 02:03 AM

You can try the flash integro for removing the background from the video.

bosswallpapers 09-30-2015 02:58 AM

camtasia Is Best ............. MY Brother

smith_walker 09-30-2015 03:56 AM

camtasia is good, it should work or you can try basic windows movie maker

raman257 10-11-2015 10:32 PM

Camtasia Studio is the Best Video Editing tool

However, Camtasia Studio is the best video editing software I found till now but it's very costly.

If you need any free alternative to Camtasia studio, you should check out Screencast-o-matic.

Here you can find more about it: allusefulinfo.com/best-free-camtasia-alternative-for-windows-mac

Let me know how did you find it.

Rakesh Sharma 10-13-2015 05:13 AM

this is very simple & sweet video editing software but very costly.

bhatti22 10-13-2015 10:28 AM

I think Camtasia Studio is the best video editing software because i am also using it..

rahim16 10-14-2015 01:07 AM

Camtasia is best and easy to use !

M.Mairaj 10-19-2015 10:23 PM

Well i am using Camtasia Studio for a long time. i have experienced many other tools but i found Camtasia Studio is one of the excellent tool which help you out to create quality videos.

I my self created a complete course of Camtasia studio in which you can easily understand how to deal with this spectacular tool. By using this tool one can create HD videos, most of the bloggers and webmasters are using it.

So, i recommend you before creating videos watch out the complete video tutorials

totnhatvn 10-30-2015 12:36 PM

Are u using the paid version for Camtasia Studio? I am using OSX and iMovie. I think I will install a virtual win xp on my Mac for trying Camtasia Studio. Is it possible to run Camtasia Studio on windows xp?

hoangfpt91 11-12-2015 07:07 AM

camtasia or corel video pro

danys 11-16-2015 02:35 AM

Windows Movie Maker , Corel VideoStudio Pro , Adobe Premiere Pro

hoangdungksp 11-23-2015 09:07 PM

I'm using Camtasia studio and Proshow Producer
Both are good to me

But you can search on google to get best edit to you

Didettioners 12-04-2015 02:07 AM

The most powerfull one is Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere - I'm using both and I can say - it's really great software :)

HoustonTradeTraining 01-18-2016 07:16 PM

I never heard of camtasia, I'll have to look into it. Is it easy to use?

I just use Photoshop CS6 or greater for video editing. It's easy and if you know Photoshop at all, it's really easy.

tuan109 01-20-2016 02:29 AM

I use Corel VideoStudio

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