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snakeair 03-06-2016 02:05 PM

Forum Memberships - For Premium Features
Any forum owners set up a premium membership option to there forum with special features and other goodies that free members do not receive?

If your forum get's very popular and you start to see a lot of new registrations from human beings and not bots, it might be a good idea to package premium features into a membership package and either charge monthly, quarterly or yearly.

This is one way to make money from your forum if you do not want to put a ton of ad's all over the place that might slow the forum down or ruin user experience. Example is "sign up as a premium member today to remove all the Google AdSense ads plus get more stuff..etc"

Any thoughts on this topic. When I had a successful forum 10 years ago (sold it awhile ago) I never tried this method out as I used 3 Google Adense ads and had an opt-in list I sent out 1 email per week with offers.

Some forum softwares have modules or plugins/coding to use to have a paid section with features you get set up and some just don't have this option even available.

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