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gerbertsteinmann 10-24-2017 05:17 AM

Magento Custom Options Extention by Itoris
Want to add custom options to your products? Thatís easy with Dynamic Product Options module. You get a visual editor where you drag options, organize them in rows and columns and edit them easily. You can create a complex form literally in minutes. Input boxes, select boxes, textareas, sets of radio buttons and checkboxes, files, etc. Plenty of settings for advanced use. Add images, comments to fields, custom CSS styles, and even JavaScript code!

Need more? Create conditional branching, where options depend on other options and appear on condition only. If needed, enable options for specific customer groups only. There are a few ways to display product options on the frontend - on the product view directly, or in a popup after clicking "Configure" or "Add to Cart".

There is also ability to create optionsí templates. Having a template you can easily apply it to multiple products in bulk.

The Dynamic Product Options extension is not only a custom options editor. This is an all-in-one solution for all your custom options needs. It enables the functionality of bundle and configurable products within a simple product. Associate product options to other simple products and allow customer purchasing selected products together. Or create a discounted promoset by setting custom prices to these options.

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