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HTMLBasicTutor 03-04-2019 07:52 AM

Pinterest Optimization in 2019
I know when looking for things on a personal level Pinterest usually has page 1 of the results wrapped up. Are you optimizing your Pinterest pins so you are on page 1 of the Google results?

If content marketing plays a crucial role in your current online marketing strategy, understanding how to better optimize your content for Pinterest should be toward the top of the list when it comes to your preferred social media channels.

Often overlooked by companies who are trying to position themselves on more popular channels like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is still quietly gliding along delivering high volume and high intent traffic to savvy content marketers. With higher market saturation in the United States than both Twitter and Snapchat, Pinterest offers significant potential as a discovery channel. As site owners have continued to see a steady decline in referral traffic from Facebook, Pinterest has spent the past few years steadily climbing as a referrer and is responsible, on average, for roughly 8% of referral traffic across the web...
Pinterest Optimization in 2019

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