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jacobwallace 05-23-2018 05:15 AM

dedicated hosting over cloud hosting
i need information on dedicated hosting over cloud hosting. which one is best asset?

inventive 04-06-2019 06:01 AM

It all depends on your current and future needs,

Cloud hosting is generally more reliable as data will be on a SAN or spread over several servers so you have greater redundancy.

A dedicated server (depending on spec) will have fast processing and retrieval of information as everything will be local - data, RAM CPU etc whereas on a cloud environment must go through the SAN to process and access data, which means the process through cloud infrastructure. Each and every request must also go through the VM's. This extra processing adds a level of latency that can never be reduced.

Upgrading is easier on Cloud Hosting, you will be able to increase vCPU's, RAM, Storage as you go along, instantly in most cases.

Whereas on dedicated server you will need to add/replace hardware (with downtime) and you may even need to migrate to a new server.

Cost will be an issue as well, generally Cloud servers have a much lower starting cost than dedicated servers. However, with cloud servers you will lose this entry advantage as you requires more resources.

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