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naif 12-10-2018 05:10 AM

Submit Paid: Directory.Express

I would like introduce https://directory.express/ which is a general web directory that is mobile friendly and was launched recently. The directory aims at providing "complete" information pertaining to the listings and is focused on listing businesses from around the world. The current cost of review is 15.99 USD. Please send me a private message if you have any questions.


Brandon Sheley 12-12-2018 11:48 AM

Interesting, I did a search for "Rhyzz Directory" which you say has been around for 8 years and I only found the same post at DP.
What makes this directory great, what are your plans with it?
Also interesting that when you've submitted your directory to other directories, you use a very short description, and most the sites you've submitted to are closed down.


Good luck with your $16 review fee, how many have you sold so far?

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