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HTMLBasicTutor 12-30-2011 11:58 AM

Web Page Optimization Review
Not getting many visitors staying on your site? Maybe it's because your web page loads too slow. Google is now looking at how fast your website is (they were doing this for Adword clients prior to adding it to one of the 200+ factors when rating your site). Want to get your site bookmarked, mentioned on the social networks or word spread by word of mouth? Then you need your site to load fast! People surfing the net are impatient.

Quick Web Page Optimization Review
This is a quick review of one page of your website or blog. Some sites use templates for the pages (e.g. ecommerce sites and blogs). If your template is badly optimized then it doesn't matter what page people visit, they could be leaving because the page loads too slow.

You will receive a written report in PDF format of the areas found to be poorly optimized. The length of this report will depend on how many problems are found. ;)

What This Quick Review is Not
This quick review is not a full website/blog review.

It does not fix your issues for you. You will be given an explaination of what needs to be fixed and some references of why or how to fix.

It does not include technical issues. If you want a technical review, then see my offer for a Web Page Technical Review.

Review Copy:
Not available.

Payment and Pricing
Price: $25.95 USD
Payable by: PayPal only

Delivery Time: within 48 hours of receipt of your payment.

How to Order:
Pm me with
-your email address.
-the url of the web page/blog post you want reviewed.

This offer is only available for V7N members, hence why you have to PM for the payment details.

Orders are not accepted for:
-adult content of any kind
-sites which are illegal or promote illegal activities
-"Made for Adsense" sites
-Non English sites

HTMLBasicTutor 03-11-2012 02:41 PM

This service has now gone public at a higher price: Website Review Service.

If you would like to get this service as advertised above and at the price above, PM me here.

HTMLBasicTutor 04-02-2012 12:10 PM

This in combination with our web page technical review is on sale until midnight April 9/12 Pacific Time.

You get both reviews for $65.99.

Available only at http://www.accretewebsolutions.ca/promotions.htm

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