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snakeair 07-23-2014 03:46 AM

At Microsoft, The Cloud Truly Does Come First
It's all about the cloud. Even my IT company is heading into the cloud to present our clients with more options for there business.


That’s about how you can sum up Microsoft’s earnings for the last quarter. Microsoft’s cloud revenue is on a steady trajectory up—$4.4 billion in the last year—as it rolls out Office 365 and Azure services to its core customers. Azure is probably the most potent weapon in Microsoft’s current arsenal, and will be the backbone of almost everything it does going forward.

Mobile is a different story. Microsoft officially completed the acquisition of Nokia in the quarter on April 25. The hardware division of Microsoft, which includes the new Nokia division, added $1.99 billion in revenue to Microsoft’s coffers, while posting $692 billion in operating income losses.
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