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snakeair 04-24-2010 08:01 PM

The 5 Old Blogging Rules Killing Your Readership
This blog post talks about 5 old blogging rules that many of us have followed for years or somewhat followed and also has some suggestions for replacing the old rules. I may have lost you already so please read the whole blog post.


No matter what you want to do, someone will force a rule book on you. It doesn’t matter that there are no rules, the experts will beat you with what they say you must do, you can’t do and what you can only do with permission. Trouble is, sometimes “expert” just means “old” and the advice they’re giving you is so outdated that only your mother would follow it. That’s how I feel about many of the old blogging tenants.

Back in the Web 1.0 days, there were strict commandments intended to guide new bloggers along. They were things the experts swore up and down that you....
Continued at: Outdated Blog Rules

Like mentioned in this blog post. Which ones are you no longer following? What have you replaced them with? If you disagree with anything mentioned or want to add onto this list, please explain in details.

HTMLBasicTutor 04-24-2010 11:41 PM


Good Bloggers Post Every Day
Think this depends on your target audience. If you know what they want to see then you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Good Bloggers Keep Posts Short
Again, depends on what your target audience wants/enjoys.

A related thread: This Is How Long Your Posts Should Be

Good Bloggers Donít Link To Bad People
You could get some link bait out of that one. ;) But do agree with the new rule.

Page Views = Success
...blog engagement doesnít always mean someone on your blog leaving a comment. It can be sharing you on Facebook or LinkedIn, talking about you on Twitter, stumbling you, etc. Itís about making your island bigger by lining up small islands around it....
With RSS feeds and all the social media stuff this is quite possibly right. You wouldn't really know for sure unless you monitored your reputation on the net.

A related thread: Sometimes, RSS Subscriber Counts Donít Matter

Do you follow the author on Twitter? Her bio at the end is spot on.

snakeair 04-25-2010 08:03 AM

Thanks for your comments HTML. Yesterday i just happen to come accross this blog while searching google and now going to follow it. I've read more information on there last night.

Looking for more feedback from other V7N members on this blog post i liked to.

mangome 04-26-2010 10:46 AM

I don`t think success is about pages views..I mean, sure, page views bring you money..but there are a lot of blogger which spam and have a bunch of page views..but really crappy content...are they successful ? I don`t think so

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