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admitcard 06-25-2017 08:17 PM

How to Lock Photos in iphone using Touch ID
Hello Friends,

I'm Using iPhone 6s Mobile with Latest ios 10.3.2

i want functionality to lock individual app locking option with Touch ID

if my friends are using my phone sometimes
while they are trying to open WhatsApp (or) photos phone ask touch id.

it is possible in iPhone.

nick_westlife 06-25-2017 11:08 PM

Apple has not released locking individual apps with Touch ID. This feature is available on several Android phones.

It's one of the most anticipated features which iOS 11 might include.

FYI: Bank of America iOS app in the USA has this feature built internally.

Bindumatli 07-17-2017 09:29 AM

Keep Safe Photo Vault will hide photos with touch ID.

vaguar 07-17-2017 09:38 PM

There are many of these apps offering to password protect your photos, but you've got to be careful as most of them are fake. Never go for an outright paid one. Go for ones which offer a free trial.

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