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snakeair 12-09-2016 07:50 AM

Developing Content for Niche vs. Mass Audiences
Don't just pick an answer, share some details.

And read the blog post most of all!!


Yeast makes dough rise – without it, the bread won’t bake properly, and you’ll like have a mess on your hands.

Likewise, content is a key ingredient for your content marketing business. Content adds to your credibility and relevance. If you have content, your company will rise. If you don’t have content, your company won’t grow properly.

To maintain audience interest, you must provide constant and valuable content. Otherwise, your audience will lose interest – and your authority as a market leader will slowly disappear.

Knowing the content for your market depends on what type of market you plan to pursue: a niche market or a mass market. Both of these markets have distinctive characteristics, which directly oppose each other. Before you seek to provide content for your market, understand which is better for your business.
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