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matteomatt 12-21-2016 10:01 AM

Anyone Playing Battlefield 1?
Howdy there folks. As most of you know EA released Battlefield 1 a couple months ago, the newest installment of the Battlefield franchise.

Is anyone here playing it? I played the beta and now I have the full game and I have to say, it is very fun. I played so much COD I got tired of it. I was hoping to start this thread if anyone else is playing it, we could link up and play together or share memes etc.. my gamertag is curiousobserver is anyone plays

matteomatt 12-25-2016 09:39 PM


Nice savage beatdown, shows the realism. Poor guy's face

TTK Photography 12-27-2016 06:07 AM

I'm tired of COD too. I've been thinking about getting Battlefield 1. How are you liking it so far? Also, what system do you play on?

matteomatt 01-03-2017 07:56 PM

I play on XBOX 1, I am really liking it. I played alot of COD, and alot of Zombies so its been nice to have this game. Sometimes takes a bit of time to load the games, but then again that is not uncommon these days.

It is very immersive, just like any other BF game. I like this one more than any others so far.

dWhite 01-08-2017 08:02 AM

I've watched a couple of streamers on Twitch play BF1, mainly Lirik.

Game looks absolutely amazing, but sadly my poor little laptop wouldn't be able to run it at all.

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