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kunnusingh 10-13-2009 02:47 PM

Tech, Hosting Tutorial Partner(Only rewriting)
i have a Web Hosting Tutorial Blog and you know lots of peoples search hosting tutorial on net and can't find useful tutorial on some topics.

- My English is very week so i am write a hosting tutorial(or other post) and you need to correct my English and Rewrite.

3k - 6k clicks on my blog so i am give you my 2 banner advertising space and 1 footer link.

Partnership Terms:

- When i give you new article then please rewrite my article as soon as possible.

- in a each starting post, please add some your own Friendly Words.

Example: You want to know how to install this script? etc...etc..

- We Do not accept any illegal Ads, and links.

What i am give you in this Partnership?
Also i am give you 2 Banner Advertising, 1 Footer Link and 1 GB Free Web Hosting For 1 Year.

Levada 11-20-2009 09:40 PM

Hello I am interested in your proposal.

More information please:
* how many need to be rewritten
* how long are they
* what is the url to the blog so I can check it out

I am a freelance writer publishing my own ebooks and also doing some Internet Marketing. You can see my publishing site here and get some of my free ebooks: www.GoldenWestPublishing.com/free.html


Levada Pendry

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