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Zap 03-31-2016 05:52 AM

Is The US Ready To Vote Third Party?
Is The US Ready To Vote Third Party?

Both the Republican party and the Democrat party have made it quite clear that they would rather serve their own interests than serve the will of their party members.

Trump will not be allowed to run for President as a representative of the Republican party. I think we all know this. He's anti-establishment and the Republican party leaders would rather vote for Hillary than vote for Trump.
Time will tell if this thinking is correct, but I think most of us already know this to be true.
I think they will sub in an alternate candidate at the last minute and nominate them. We'll see.

Same thing on the Democrat side. Bernie is losing to someone being actively investigated by the FBI for some serious charges. In just about any other country (including banana republics), Hillary would ALREADY have been forced to withdraw her candidacy but not in the good ole USA. Why? She's establishment. Bernie isn't.

So, you have some really shady business happening on both sides of the aisle and both parties have made it quite clear that they DON'T CARE what the people want. They're going to steamroll ahead with their own agenda.

So... My question to all Americans is this...

Are you pissed off enough yet? Are you fed up enough that you're actually ready to vote for an alternate party? You know... one that actually gives a crap about what you think.

You guys keep avoiding the third party option because the Republicans and Democrats have you believing that you'd be throwing your vote away. Too many of you actually believe this nonsense.
The reality is that with a third party, it no longer takes 50% + 1 to win.
Voting for a third party IS NOT FUTILE. It works in just about every other country on the planet. Why? Because nobody has managed to convince people in other nations that a two party system is the only way to go.

Personally, I think all government is evil and devoid of morality. We could do much better without it.
But I'd love to see Americans stand up for themselves against their corrupt two party system and really stick it to both parties in November. If nothing else, it would be a great reminder to your rulers that your voices DO MATTER!

So... Are you ready to vote third party in November?

Anubhav-soin 04-01-2016 10:59 PM

I think americans should go for the alternative party as both party that are contesting right now does not deserve to win, they will both look for their own interest in the name of country.

Zap 04-05-2016 05:30 AM

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are thinking about what's best for the country.
Both parties are owned and operated by the establishment and they care not which party wins in November.
That should tell you something right there. Both parties are controlled by the same group of people.
So, without a third party, you really only have one party, The Republicrats.
And unless you guys vote third party, the Republicrats will win every time.

alecwell 05-13-2016 12:35 AM

There were two pivotal moments in this election cycle for me. First, I was a Bernie Supporter for the longest time, I was all for him. Until a few weeks ago, he claimed he would support Hillary Clinton in her nomination for the Dem Nom as long as she followed a couple of the rules he wanted. A true anti-establishment would never ever throw an inch of support behind that woman.
So I decided with Trump, I have heard a lot of stances, and I trust he is doing everything he believes is right, and after reading a couple of his books, I understood his gameplan. But the day he said he would have Edward Snowden executed due to him being a "traitor," he lost all of my support and now I think Trump is also part of a huge problem in our world.
My support is now behind the Libertarian party and I believe they are the only other party with a chance. Gary Johnson had some support last election and a lot of Cruz supporters are so anti-Trump, they are looking alternative parties (about time Cruz supporters look into a candidate amiright). So, with the possible help of Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and other Lib members, maybe it could get some kind of publicity. My ultimate dream is that when Bernie loses the nomination, he runs 3rd party, where a lot of Hillary voters would leave and screw the Democratic party over, and so many Republicans who do not want Trump, and Independents who feel the same, will look elsewhere than these 3 and then everyone would finally maybe do a little bit of research, or the media would be in such a frenzy **** hits the fan and all of our brains explode. Gary 2016

snakeair 05-13-2016 06:57 PM

I like no one but yet I should vote because it's my right as an American.

Maybe I should just move out of the country before another war breaks out

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