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torat hossain 09-01-2016 12:42 AM

In witch game you are the best and nobody can defeat you
We all have a talent. someone is best in one special game. in which game you are the best and nobody can defeat you? show your talent in games. :D

Angry 09-01-2016 03:24 AM

Lol nice thread!
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (as NoobSaibot) - i can kick your @s5 with closed eyes.

jermain08 10-04-2016 10:30 AM

King Of Fighter 2011
I won all of my neighboors when I was a kid :D

Jack Sparrow ssj10 10-13-2016 12:46 PM

No doubt, definitely CHESS

snakeair 10-13-2016 12:47 PM

Techno bowl (showing my age)

WordyThomas 11-06-2016 02:36 PM

I'm actually pretty good in Destiny.

I'm not the best, but I can hold my own against a good team :D

BogOfe34 11-06-2016 06:29 PM

I'm good at playing Tekken and Marvel Vs. Capcom. I know these games may be old, but those are the ones I usually play during my younger days...:)

Woomeister 11-19-2016 02:20 PM

Game of Life.

viren620 12-02-2016 05:38 AM

Road race and asphalt ☺️

netawygames 12-23-2016 10:47 AM

PES 2013 :"D

jer 12-23-2016 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Woomeister (Post 2270762)
Game of Life.

That's the only game worth playing.

Bilbo8 12-23-2016 11:54 AM

Supaplex :P

Noah555 12-24-2016 04:27 AM

Fifa 17 ..I'm the king

aaryan15 01-17-2017 03:25 AM

Try Marvel Contest of Champions!

ChrisCD 01-19-2017 10:03 AM

Old School - Centipede, Galaga, Donkey Kong
Not so old - SSX Tricky
I completed the free version of PC Half-Life

cd :O)

anblogger 04-16-2017 12:59 AM

I am best in playing temple run but i didn't defeat anyone because i didn't played against anyone else me.

Gervalo 04-19-2017 06:21 PM

I'm not saying I'm the best in these games but if you'd love to be challenged while playing these games, you can contact me anytime.

Red Alert 2
Warcraft 3
Starcraft 1 & 2
C & C Generals
Age of Empires

Yep, most of them are old gems. I haven't seen a good RTS lately.

vaguar 04-20-2017 01:35 AM

Mortal Kombat on the old super nintendo console.

jaybryant 04-24-2017 01:47 PM

Mortal Kombat II on the SNES. I memorized at one point all the frames of character movement, which moves works on this one, every counter move to every attack.
NBA 2k2 on the Dreamcast. Memorized every play, stats and ability of every player.

Miguel Portela 04-29-2017 12:19 PM

I am pretty hard to beat on heroes of the storm :)

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