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JazLive 09-08-2016 04:18 AM

Political Correctness Pays
When locals realize they are part of the GLOBAL Community, (s)he will do well in expanding their connections.


My former co-worker retired in 2015, she wanted someone to take over the payments of her condo, because she wanted to go to another state and not keep paying payments when she was not going to be there for at least a year

... she took cell phone pictures of her unit
-- I post it in my favorite networking community (not in the USA)
... the unit was grabbed in less than two weeks
... it was a stellar bargain

A community member grabbed it for a relative, whose child was in the states, attending college ... they did not like the rental agreement; thus. bought a condo for less than they would spend on 8 years of renting ...

That's the beauty of expanded connections ...

Jan aka Jaz

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