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LMD 06-05-2017 06:53 PM

What is going on?? All I see these days are new members doing the absolute minimum so they can sell or promote themselves, and a large portion of other new members flogging the hell out of the "Lobby" for post count.

What happened to meaningful conversations about topics relating to design and search? Now it's all about "how do I get links", or "what is off-page SEO?".

With all due respect, yes - a lot of people don't know very much on the subjects and do ask very basic questions, but darn it - most of the fluffy junk questions can be searched, and no matter how many times I reply to that point, it just goes on, and on.

I think I unsubscribe to about 10 posts per day because of the email alerts I get, just to find an easily searchable question.

Some might say, it's just the way it is. Others may say "why don't you leave?", to which I say, I probably will.

I know one good member who just chimes in on maybe one "Lobby" thread once per day because of similar feelings. In all honesty, if WPW was still alive today, I would not be here - at least not very often anyhow.

Rant over.

ScriptMan 06-06-2017 05:42 AM

Rant accepted and approved! :)

LMD 06-06-2017 06:02 AM

Thanks - I wasn't sure if this post was going to be moderated or deleted. ;)

While on the subject (rant opened again), why do so many members reply to threads on topics they actually have little to no experience or idea on or about the subject? Maybe some of the members could reply here to identify why this is so. Here are some of my thoughts.
  • Is it to gain post count to try and get a signature? Probably.
  • Is it paid posting? Ya, I'm sure it's a popular reason to be on forums.
  • Is it to try and gain rep for future "selling" reasons? Maybe.
  • Is it just to come off as a knowledgeable and trusted source? Maybe - but an epic fail, at that.

Any and all thoughts are welcome. :)

LMD 06-06-2017 07:14 AM

Case in point:

OP in an SEO thread has a ranking issue while working some kind of on and off-page activities, but offers next to nothing in terms of the details of activity done so far.

I say:


Originally Posted by LMD (Post 2295375)
Why don't you start by listing (in detail) exactly what you have done for the last three months and what niche/industry you are in. No one has a crystal ball or can fix something when they have no criteria to base a suggested area of review.

Next post:


Originally Posted by Kartik_patel (Post 2295382)
Some time keyword take time to rank. Keep posting unique content on your blog and don't forget to do off page activity daily..

http://www.ifm.ca/facepalm2.gif...the same random junk that won't help anyone - not even one iota. It fills up forum thread space and is only there to try and increase post count.

Here's another good one - OP asks "how to create backlinks" - I know - big sigh and face/palm slap.

And, here's the advice:


Originally Posted by Shivamjhalli (Post 2295390)
Better gor for forum do follow back links plays an important factor


vaguar 06-06-2017 09:38 AM

Snakeair's not around much these days. Such stuff was under control when he was around more often. Now it seems to be growing unchecked.

LMD 06-06-2017 10:23 AM

I was once an Admin at WPW, and I took on a lot of the moderating burden (by my own decision). It's not that we didn't have great moderating help, because we did. HTML can chime in on that if she likes.

The problem began when more and more low-level junk kept coming in. It was quickly removed or dealt with in other ways, but the point is, even at WPW, the higher level conversations from those that "out-knowledge'ed" me, slowly, but surely left the forum. They didn't want to hang around when it was mostly very, very basic topics/questions.

It ended up like moderating a school yard of children, which negated the desire for even the volunteers to spend their time just deleting posts, banning members, or at the very least sending infractions to the ones needing the slap.

HTMLBasicTutor 06-06-2017 10:53 AM

As mentioned in another thread somewhere here, the moderating team are volunteers. You all can help by reporting questionable replies and threads using the report button in the top right of the post (! button). The moderating team will look at the post and their previous posts and take appropriate action.

We can't be everywhere on the forum 24/7. We need your help to keep V7N as a valuable resource for those who want to learn about running a website.

Observation: Politely calling someone out regarding their statement isn't working as they either ignore the moderator/fellow member comment or are not returning to a thread they participated (i.e. posting for count) to read the subsequent posts. Maybe if you all asked for backup on statements that would help the newbies determine the flyby posts from those that actually contribute to the conversation. :)

Our motto has always been "the friendliest webmaster forum" let's keep it that way and not have to go to hard ass moderating by everyone posting valuable information that contributes to the conversations. :)


vaguar 06-06-2017 11:11 AM

I've seen some contributing members, especially LMD & Woomeister having tried a lot to get people to back up their statements. But there seem to be 2 problems with that

1) A contributing member's actions do not seem to instil the kind of discipline amongst new joinees as much as much as a moderator's. In other words, people stay in line out of fear of the moderator tag.

2) Contributing members' participation seems to be highly cyclical in nature. I've seen some people login after an absence of a few years. It's difficult to help the moderators in a sustained manner due to this.

Agreed this is a voluntary forum & no one appreciates the effort that the admins & moderators put in more than the contributing members do. But some better organisation of duties/responsibilities is perhaps needed.

LMD 06-06-2017 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by HTMLBasicTutor (Post 2295413)
As mentioned in another thread somewhere here, the moderating team are volunteers.

I understand, for sure - I was a volunteer for several years also - you know that.


Originally Posted by HTMLBasicTutor (Post 2295413)
You all can help by reporting questionable replies.

Myself, I've been reporting most of the junk I come across with in threads I've contributed to, with added vigor some days (darn 60 second wait time to do the next report), but, as you mentioned, it rarely has at effect. The easiest thing to do, at least for me, is to just unsubscribe, which is a shame someone has to do that just to duck all the junk replies.


Originally Posted by HTMLBasicTutor (Post 2295413)
Our motto has always been "the friendliest webmaster forum" let's keep it that way and not have to go to hard ass moderating...

Being the friendliest, may in principle be a grand idea, but if it ends up driving away contributing members, or that they've become resolved to only post in fluffy sub-forms "what they are thinking at the moment" or "what they had for lunch today", well... there goes a considerable amount of value - poof. ;)

(not a hard ass - just pretty much fed up) ;)

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