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QatarVisitor 09-15-2008 09:36 AM

website assessment and review
Hi there,

This post is not exactly off-topic, but I'm not sure which forum to put it in - it seems to overlap a number of the forums here.

We are currently considering a major revamp of our website, QatarVisitor.com, and are looking for a company to do a global assessment/review of the website and come up with recommendations prior to a redesign. This review should include design, usability and maximising revenue. While there are plenty of these companies on the internet, I want to find one which other webmasters have had good experiences with.

Thanks in advance.



nancy123 10-22-2008 10:39 PM


This will not help you out from your problem you need to do your own research for finding the best company suits to your need. I will help you out with some pints that one should keep in mind while choosing a web site company.

1. Do they have a portfolio?
2.Can they cater to any type of business?
3. How is their response time?
4. Do they have a contract?
5. How reasonable are their prices?
6. Can they help you market your website?
7. Are their clients satisfied?
8. Are they able to meet all your needs?
9. Can they deliver on time?
10. Do they take a personal and friendly approach?

I think this will help you out.

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