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Old 11-04-2010, 09:19 AM
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Logo Design Tutorial: Mr Doom

This is an exclusive, awesome logo design tutorial for all you awesome v7nírs!

Iím going to show you how I created Mr Doom above (his name is so awesome)
The kicker is Iím going to explain it in a way that YOU can recreate Mr Doom in ANY design software. You can use Photoshop, PaintShop and even Illustrator. I wonít use any fancy terms and any technical word you donít understand youíll find itís explanation at the bottom of this tutorial! This is meant for novice designers with a little design know how, but I really did it to show you how easy it is to create a really cool logo for your business!

With any design the first thing is I draw whatever is in my head, the shape of the logo or form Iím after. With Mr Doom I drew an outline of what I want his shape to be. Itís really rough and at this point, it doesnít have to be perfect. After a few doodles youíll come up with an outline that you like, or a form or a general concept you like, you start with that!

The way i made his outline is by simply drawing him on my tablet, but thereís another way YOU can draw the same exact shape using your mouse, by using the ďPen ToolĒ in any design software. Almost all have it! You plot a point, then another point and form your shape. Then you click on the lines and curve them where needed and you have your shape! It takes longer but with practice and some patience, the results are almost identical.

So now that I have Mr Dooms outline Iím going to add some details, so I add the pencil I want him to chew on for example. I do this by adding another ďlayerĒ to the file iím working on and then drawing the pen in by using a tablet to draw it in or the pen tool for example.

Now all design software give you the ability to hide a layer while you work on other parts, so hide whatever little details you added so we can work on Mr Dooms body. Usually you just click on the Ďeyeí icon next to the layer youíre working with.

Now to fill Mr Doom up: First thing, make a new layer to work with (in some programs, most actually, youíll just need to bring the fill layer to the bottom so the outlines are on top!) You can use the flood fill tool to fill him with a solid color, gradient or even texture, itís up to you. I made a custom inked in texture and used that but kept the outline rough so it looks like he was filled in using a pen or something and it wasnt exact. Then just fill him in, simple Make sure you donít cover his moth or eyes with the fill layer. Add a white layer under the fill layer to color the eyes and mouth area quick! You can just paint that bottom later in so it fills the eyes and mouth area. Done!

Now that Mr Doom has been inflated we can bring up the pencil we want to work with. Hide Mr Doom for now and lets focus on just the pencil. Weíre going to adjust the outline so it resembles that of a pencil broken in half, so little zigzag like edges in the middle and stuff. The fill it in. Make a layer over the pencil outline (fill the outline in if you like, same way we did with Mr Dooms body).

Now change it to orange and just add some shading making parts darker, others lighter and add the tip of the pencil. It doesnít hurt to add a little detail where the pencil breaks as if some of the paint over the pencil has pealed. Break a pencil! Thereís an idea, chew on it and break it to see what it looks like when broken in half! I did.

Now one more little step. We just add a shadow to the pencil to give the I Hate Work logo in general a cool feel to it, as if Mr Doom is flat on a piece of paper and the pencil is laying on top of him., or that heís in 2d with a 3d like pencil of sorts. Does that make sense? Sure it does.

There are many ways to add the drop shadow, some programs will have the feature built in so you just select the pencil layer and select a function. If itís not there, just go back to the filled in pencil outline in black, copy that layer under the colord in pencil. Then just blur it. Every design software out there has a blur tool!

Now that youíve done that, bring up Mr Dooms body and you have the completed character!

All thatís left to do now is go over Mr Doom, adjust him a little, make some lines thicker, and youíre done! You can experiment and take him further, he wonít mind!

Happy logo designing, and if you need some help with any of the above steps or something explained in more detail please let me know as i will be glad to help!

Mr Doom salutes you!

(if you use Mr Doom, this tutorial online or want to reproduce it just give me credit by linking to this original tutorial or my site!)
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Old 11-16-2010, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by dinzo View Post
stoked that you guys liked the tutorial
I think it's important that more people see tutorials about making logo's that actually stipulate hand drawing or using a points / paths tool from scratch. It will help detour people from thinking they can use clipart / stock imagery in logo's (which against licenses & laws).

I think you did a great job on the tutorial..
Old 11-21-2010, 01:55 AM
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thank you scorpionagency
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