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Old 05-12-2012, 06:39 AM
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Pinball Publisher Network - Owed Money

Hi, I have worked with ppn (Pinballpublishernetwork) for the past 40 days in total now they owe me $1500 - $600 from last month and $900 from this month.

So on the 30th when i was supposed to get my money they said i need to fill out a w8 form, Which i can understand but why not tell me to do this when i signed up? Anyway it was 2 weeks ago they asked me to fill out the w8 form, I sent it back within 24 hours of them asking.

I was promised by my manager James that i would have been paid yesterday and again they have let me down.

Its quite clear that i am not going to get paid by them, So where do i go from here? Who do i report them to?

There is no way i am getting ripped off for $1500, I have worked hard all month to accumulate this money, and for them to turn around and rip me off is just not going to happen.

I know i sound angry, which i am sure you would be too, do you think its worth contacting the police? I canít think of anything else to do, My sister is a lawyer and she said the only way you can get the money they owe you is by reporting them to the police and get a crime reference number and send it to a court with proof of earnings and a screen shot of their terms and conditions is this true?

I imagine I am not the only one who they have ripped off, my friend took a look at the software and he said I should start a court case about that alone, He said that the software I have been promoting is full of privacy breaches, and this could have landed me in a lot trouble.

What do I do from here?
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Old 05-12-2012, 07:49 PM
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I understand that you are upset and i would be to if i made that much money with one website.

Since you completed everything that you had to complete to be eligable for payment, i'm think that you will be paid at the end of the month when they send out payments to all customers.

Quote from there FAQ.

Payouts are processed on a net-30 basis (30 days after the end of each month). For example, payments for new installs made in March will be processed on April 30th. If the 30th is not a business day, then the payout is sent on the following business day

Payment schedule is like the adsense schedule. You should get your money at the end of May since you might of missed the payout sent at the end of April. I don't belong to this company but i think they don't send out payments at the beginning of the month but near the end of the month like adsense.

Here is another quote from there policy page:

4. Compensation and Payment Terms.

During the Term, Pinball will pay Web Publisher the fees set forth in the Additional Terms. Pinball will be entitled to withhold, deduct and set off from any payments to be made to Web Publisher hereunder any sums owed by Web Publisher to Pinball in connection with this Agreement (including any breach hereof by Web Publisher) or otherwise. Web Publisher is responsible for keeping its payment information up to date. Payments will be sent with the payment information located in the Partners Area at the time the pay period ends. No payment information change will be accepted between the end of the pay period and the time the payment is sent. Future payments will take account of any changes made during that period. Web Publisher is required to have a verified PayPal account unless payment is to be made via check or wire transfer and the Web Publisher is otherwise in good standing and is a resident in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Israel, or Australia (final determination of good standing at Pinballís sole discretion). For the additional protection of the Web Publisher, or any other reason, Pinball may at any time request additional and further proof of identification from Web Publisher, and payment may be withheld until identification can be verified (or re-verified).
Source: http://www.pinballpublishernetwork.c...sher-agreement

If you have a lot of money to hire a lawyer who knows the internet lingo then take them to court. Before you take them to coure read all there policies and agreements that's linked in the footer. That's the fine print that can come back to haunt people.

I'm not a lawyer but tossing in my 2 cents.
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Old 05-13-2012, 06:23 AM
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Thanks for you help snakeair , Its a complete scam you should see how these guys have spoke to me, Its clear that they are not paying me, So i created 30 micro blogs yesterday in the hope that they will make a few $ per day from adsense I made $4 yesterday and none of them are even indexed yet so its not a bad start today is about $2 but its still early here

I spoke with my sister she did law, she said the money is not a problem they can easily get out of this but the blackmail in the emails they sent me is straight out illegal, You should see some of them, I will upload them to photobucket and add them here to so other publishers know to have no dealing with them.

I have contacted the police and they seem to be more interested in the software they had me promoting, They said if I go to a smalls claim court that a rep from pinballpublisher would have to come to a UK Court, This sounds good this is the route I am taking, I want to see the face of how ripped me off and spoke to me like this.
This was the setup money for my celeb gossip forum, and ppn have took this away from me, I am not prepared to sit here and do nothing, I want them closed down for good, If it was wages they took this would not be as bad, but it’s not, its money I made online with no help from anyone, and this money is priceless to me, the money I make online is so much better than wages from my boss
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