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Old 06-23-2010, 12:02 PM
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Why a stock vbulletin forum is not good enough

I started this thread because I'am getting tired of logging into facebook and asking myself "why cant my forum have that feature".

Why do I have to go to wikipedia to read about topics that my forum covers? Why doesn't vbulletin have a fully integrated wiki?

Why doesn't vbulletin have a built in video upload script, facebook does.

Why can't I have blogs without having to buy vb 4? I can go to wordpress.com or blogger and start a blog, but I can't have one on my own forum? I guess I could install wordpress multi-user and offer blogs that way.

Why doesn't vbulletin have a built in chat system - like comet chat or flash chat? Facebook as a chat system.

Why can't vbulletin users import their blog feeds? Myspace and facebook can do that.

Why can't members upload images to their profiles or threads from their phones? Facebook offers that option.

Why can't we get text messages on our phone when someone replies to a subscribed thread or post a comment on our profile? Faceboook offers that option.

Why can't members be offered a phone verification option, instead of email verification?

Why cant vbulletin auto-update installed modifications? Wordpress can.

Why can't we insert alt tags for hyperlinks or images? Wordpress can.


Overall, I feel that vbulletin is falling further and further behind in the social networking market. As sites like facebook continue to grow, software like vbulletin has to adapt - and it has not.

Last week I was looking for a wiki add-on for my forum. To better establish my forum as an authority in its field, I think it needs a wiki. The ones that I found required all kinds of template edits. After going through the last vbulletin 3.8X update, template edits are something that I want to stay away from.

To stay up with current internet trends, my site should have a wiki - but I can not find one. So "how" am I supposed to keep my site up-to-date, and stay established as a leader?

It seems that people really like the friend chat of facebook - so I'am looking at buying cometchat for my forum. But I do not want to install the version for vbulletin 3X, only to remove it in a few weeks / months when vb 4 finally gets the kinks worked out, becomes stable and I decide to upgrade my forum.

I was looking at my facebook profile, and looked through my uploaded videos. Then it dawned on me - my members can not upload videos to their profile on my forum. Why is that? Why can't members of my forum have a social media rich profile? Sure we have a picture gallery, but why cant members upload their own videos to their profile?

If a member of my forum has a wordpress blog, why cant they import their blog feed into their vbulletin profile? Displaying their last 4, 5 or 6 blogs on their profile would be nice.

Why can members import their blog feed into the forum?

I look at sites like facebook or any other social networking site and ask myself - "why cant my forum have that feature?" And if I'am asking that question, I'am pretty sure my members as asking the same thing.

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Old 06-25-2010, 12:12 PM
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I share a lot of the same request as you, I can only hope that vbulletin will start to pick up the slack and soon!
I still don't feel comfortable upgrading my site to 4.0, or really suggesting it to my clients and we're up to 4.0.4! I'm crossing my fingers that by 4.1.x, it'll be in shape for me to upgrade.

ps.. great post
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Old 06-25-2010, 03:40 PM
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Personally i think if vbulletin started doing everything you wanted it would totally bloat the software out , if you want a social network then get some social networking scripts instead of using a forum script. I understand development and progression is a must but imo its best to have something which add-ons can be made for rather than having it all setup as stock and 70% * licks and sticks finger in air * of its users are just looking for a reliable , well supported forum script.

Just my opinion but i also remember with vb 3.7 came out with all the albums and blogs etc and there were floods of complaints that VB we trying to jump on the social band wagon. Point being is that no matter what happens there will always be people that dont like it........gotta love the world we live in
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Old 06-28-2010, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ~kev~ View Post
As sites like facebook continue to grow, software like vbulletin has to adapt - and it has not.
Strongly agree with you. vBulletin hasn't changed in years. They have to start amending EVERYTHING in order to keep up with Facebook and Myspace.
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